How do scientists get surprised? They look at evidence after their minds are made up….

I just watched a short video and read an article about it. Check it out here:

Octopus snatches coconut and runs: An octopus and its coconut-carrying antics have surprised scientists.

(Thank you to Jen for posting a link to this article)

The scientists are “surprised” that an octopus can decide to take a coconut shell, run off with it, and use it for his house.

Why are the scientists surprised? The scientists are surprised because the octopi does not behave the way they have decided he should behave. Since octopi are so far down “Darwin’s Tree of Life”, they assume it would not be intelligent or be able to reason.

These scientists, and many other scientists, often make up their minds about living things before looking at the evidence.

These scientists are “surprised”, but I’m not surprised one little bit. God designed his creatures to give evidence of his existence….


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