The Doublethink of the Origin of Life

George Orwell, in the book Nineteen Eighty-Four coined the term “Doublethink” , holding two opposite thoughts as true at the same time.

The first time I experienced “Doublethink”, though I did not realize it at the time, was high school…..

In tenth grade, I was taught these two opposing ideas:

  • Health Science class taught me that “spontaneous generation” was a term for a false belief held my ignorant people long ago, that life could arise in non-living matter.
  • Biology class taught me that “evolution” was a term for the scientific belief that life had arisen in non-living matter.

I was taught that the belief in the origin of life from non-life was both not scientific and scientific in the same year of school. Some how or other I believed it. I must have had very good teachers.

I was in 10th grade in the late sixties, and scientists have wised up since then. They have changed the definitions so you don’t realize the inconsistency.

If you look up “spontaneous generation”, now, it says “abiogenesis”, and if you look THAT up, it means the spontaneous generation of life from non-life. But, they have totally removed the origin of life from “evolution”, again, giving the new name, abiogenesis, to the origin of life.

They really had to back pedal some so people could swallow it whole without thinking…..

Have you heard of Louis Pasteur (1822-1895)? He discovered “germs” which caused disease. He did a lot of scientific research about how germs form. The people of his day believed that sickness could just appear. But he proved that sickness is caused by a germ, which has to come from another germ. He said this about “Spontaneous Generation”:

No, there is now no circumstance known in which it can be affirmed that microscopic beings came into the world without germs, without parents similar to themselves. Those who affirm it have been duped by illusions, by ill-conducted experiments, spoilt by errors that they either did not perceive or did not know how to avoid.

(Here’s a link to a biography of Pasteur in Google Books so you can read it yourself)

Louis Pasteur, who died in 1895, proved scientifically that life can only come from life, it cannot come from non-life. Yet, since there is no scientific alternative to the miracle of creation by God, life from non-life is still taught as a fact, but under a different name: “Abiogenesis”.

Scientists these days have tried to totally avoid talking about the “origin of life” because even they admit it has never been proven, and they want to hide it under the rug so they don’t look like idiots. They removed the “origin of life” from “evolution”, where it was a part for many years, then renamed it.

They haven’t managed to get all the dictionaries rewritten yet. If you look up “abiogenesis” in some dictionaries, it says:

–noun Biology. the now discredited theory that living organisms can arise spontaneously from inanimate matter; spontaneous generation.

(Emphasis mine)

To keep people from wondering about how life got started in the first place, scientists today use a form of what magicians call “misdirection”. They concentrate on something else entirely, hoping you won’t notice what is really happening.

So, they concentrate more on the proven parts of what they call “evolution”. They say things like this: that moths in a population can change from mostly white, then mostly black, and then mostly black again, and that this proves “evolution”, and thus disproves creation from God.

But, “evolution” does not explain the “origin of life”, so it can not disprove, or stand as an alternate explanation for, the creation from God. It only says that living things change, and that is totally compatible with creation from God.

“Evolution” is just perching precariously upon a foundation of nothing at all. “Evolution” is now defined a the change within living things. Change from what? There is no evidence at all that living things got here at all without the miracle of creation from God. So, the debate is not about evolution verses creation because evolution does not explain the origin of life.

Biblical creationists, like me, believe that God created the basic types of animals with a capacity to have many variations. Then,  all the variations filled the various ecological and geographical niches. The variation of the animals to fill the various niches is called “evolution” by some. but it is really only the scientific fact of genetics.

Read about Gregor Mendel some time. The science of genetics came from his work on peas. Yes, there were a lot of changes to the peas. He made many different variations of peas by crossbreeding. But, no matter what he did, all he ended up with was more peas. Nothing ever became anything else.

Genetics and “evolution” are too different things. One is science, one is not.

Plus, there is no scientific alternative to the creation of (origin of) life by God.

Don’t be fooled. Life is a miracle.


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