My lifelong quest for a pair of sneakers that is wide enough has come to an end!

I have big feet. I am a lady almost six feet tall, and something that tall needs a big pedestal or it tips over. I also have very wide feet, in addition to big, so wide that no wide shoes are wide enough for me.

For years and years, the only shoe I’ve been able to wear are Birkenstocks (I wear veggie style made with no leather) They are shaped like feet, and are very comfortable.

But, there are just some times I want to wear a pair of sneakers! I surfed and surfed and surfed and finally called a shoe company who actually recommended another shoe company!

Converse Men’s Chuck Taylor Original Sneakers are my new sneaker of choice and they come in pink for girls!

Pink sneakers for ladies with wide feet

They lace up all the way down to the toe so I can make them loose where my feet are the  widest!


I got new shoes, I got new shoes, I got new shoes!


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