What is Science? Is scientific fact determined by majority rule?

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Truth is Not Determined By Majority Rule

Scientists used to examine evidence and then make conclusions. But, The field of science has been redefined to insist that everything have a natural explanation. That determines the desired conclusion before the evidence is examined. That process is anything but scientific.

I’m told repeatedly that most scientists are evolutionists so creation by God is not true. The fact is, most people who go into a field of science are evolutionists already, and they examine the evidence based on that mindset.

Many scientists who are creationists now weren’t creationists until they examined the evidence for themselves. They found things that just did not fit into the naturalistic framework. They found things that required intelligent design.

Here is a very interesting book:

In Six Days
In Six Days
Edited by John F. Ashton PhD.

This is the sequel:

On the Seventh Day
On the Seventh Day
Edited by John F. Ashton PhD.

These books have essays by scientists, each with their own story about how they came to believe in God and creation. Each essay gives evidence from that scientist’s field of science for why they don’t believe that life came from inorganic chemicals and gradually developed into all life on earth. There are many reviews of this book, both pro and con, on the Amazon.com page if you’d like to see what others have to say about this book. I have many more books on my Recommended Reading page. See for yourself what scientists who believe in creation have to say.

Yes, Creationists Can Be Scientists

Contrary to what you might have heard, creationists can be real scientists. Atheists like to say that creationists do not publish in peer reviewed science journals. In fact, Many scientists who believe in creation have published in peer reviewed science journals.

I have links below to a site with the qualifications of many people who believe in creation and the science journals where they have published. (Not everybody on the lists are scientists with a Ph.D. Some are medical doctors for instance.)

These are not the ONLY scientists who believe in creation. The people on this list volunteered to be listed to show that God exists :
Creation scientists and other biographies of interest

The Definition Of Science

Scientists who believe that life came from non-life have redefined what science means. It used to mean “the observation, identification, description, experimental investigation and theoretical explanation of phenomena”. But the newly “evolved” definition of science is: things that happen without the help of a superior being.

According the book “Men of Science/Men of God” by Dr. Henry Morris, many of the great early scientists believed in a superior being including the following: da Vinci, Kepler, Pascal, Galileo, Brahe, Copernicus, Newton, Faraday, Babbage, Morse, Mendel, Pasteur, Kelvin, Lister and Carver. All these men were men of science but they all believed that in the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. Many scientists today still believe that God created the heavens and the earth. They are called creation scientists. The Institute for Creation Research has many scientists associated with their organization.

The Red Team and the Blue Team

The red team was challenged by the blue team to play a game of football. Before the game started, the red team took a vote and concluded that the blue team was not a football team. Then the red team, having no other team to play, declared themselves victorious.

And they never had to compete in the game.

This little story refers to the debate between scientists who believe in evolution and scientists who believe in creation. It is widely reported that all scientists support evolution, and this is not true.

The scientists who believe in evolution have decided that if a scientist concludes that evolution is not supported by the evidence than he is not really a scientist. What, then, is a scientist?

What is a Scientist?

If a person has a PhD in a field of science then they are a scientist, even if they determine that creation is supported by the scientific evidence. Many think that all scientists believe in evolution. That is not true.

Creation believing scientists do a lot of research. However, the “peer” reviewed scientific journals are reviewed by peers who are evolutionists. They reject anything that supports creation scientifically. Creationists must post in their own scientific journals and in books, magazines and websites. However, as long as they are not talking about creation, they are published in scientific journals and many have.

Creation scientists and other biographies of interest

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