My goldfish, Robin, just got promoted to Batman! There is a new baby goldfish we have named Robin!

We found a new baby goldfish in our pond just now. He is itsy bitsy! We love to find new baby fish in the pond.

After they are hatched, they hide between rocks until they are bigger than my biggest fish’s mouth. Once they are bigger than Ilsa’s mouth, they come out of their hiding place.

When our fish are babies, they tend to hang out with each other. We took to calling the youngest baby “Robin” and the next oldest baby “Batman”. Each time we notice a brand new teensy baby fish, the previous youngest baby gets promoted to Batman.

Silly, I know. But, it just makes it fun for my hubby and me to watch our fish. Most of our goldfish turn orange and we can never tell them apart again. When they are babies we get to watch them grow up.

Welcome to the family, Robin!


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