Is evolution really proven by science? Take a look inside the cell and see for yourself.

One of my favorite books of all time is: Darwin’s Black Box: The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution by Michael J. Behe:

Darwin's Black Box

The “Black Box’ is the cell. This book describes the inner workings of the cell. The cell is compared to a major city, with food delivery and trash pickup services.

Another one of my favorite books of all time is The Case for a Creator: A Journalist Investigates Scientific Evidence That Points Toward God by Lee Strobel

The Case for a Creator: by Lee Strobel

(More of my favorite books are here)

Lee Strobel was an atheist journalist. His wife became a Christian and it blew his mind. Afterwards, he went all over the USA and interviewed scientists about why they believed in God.

After interviewing many people who gave scientific evidence for their faith, he became convinced that God exists.

Michael Behe is one of the scientists that Lee Strobel interviewed. The Case for a Creator follows Strobel’s journey as the evidence stacks up against evolution and convinces him that God exists.

The video below has some of the information that convinced Lee Strobel that life required a creator, and thus there is a God.

As you will see in the video, there is an amazing piece of machinery called the bacterial flagellum in some cells.

When Michael Behe, biochemist, Lehigh University first saw the bacterial flagellum, he said “this is an outboard motor”:

As Behe says in the video:

Darwinism was a lot more plausible when we were thinking of globs of protoplasm than it is when we are thinking of molecular machines.

Bacteria is said, by mainstream science, to be among the first life-forms to evolve. Bacteria is called “simple life”. Is it really simple? Watch the video and see for yourself.

Another concept Behe talks about in his book and in this video is what he calls “Irreducible Complexity”.

Irreducible Complexity is where all of the parts have to be together in the beginning for anything to work. His famous example is a mousetrap. He talks about this concept in the video.

Charles Darwin said: in chapter six of Origin of Species:

“If it could be demonstrated that any complex organ existed, which could not possibly have been formed by numerous, successive, slight modifications, my theory would absolutely break down.”

Is evolution really a fact? Watch this video. You may be surprised.



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2 responses to “Is evolution really proven by science? Take a look inside the cell and see for yourself.

  1. Jeff

    Writings and paintings of dinosaurs and man doesn’t mean man walked with the dinosaurs. Dinosaur bones haven’t just recently been discovered. Man in the past simply stumbled across fossilized bones of dinosaurs and knew it was alive at some point. They never knew they were extinct, they believed they still exhisted. Thats where the term dragon came from. Dinosaur bones aren’t bones at all. They are a replication on what once was via mineral deposits. No actual dinosaur bones have ever been found.

  2. badvegan

    this is a funny site. I almost believed that yall were serious for a second. But then i realized that no one would ever doubt that the world was billions of years old. If it was only 10,000 years old then we could not see stars that are over 10,000 light years away. However i am looking up at thousands right now out of my window. a 10,000 year old earth is stupid. The person that came up with the theory of 10,000 year old earth is stupider. And yall people must think that God is the stupidest of all in that he cant figure out evolution and allow the earth to come about naturally. What ever happened to God being the great clock maker? Or did most of you go to public school?

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