Pictures of a nice day in my backyard – a nature study

It is icky and rainy today. But, I just download some pictures I took last week….

Here’s to remembering the nice weather of one day last week:

That is my view a lot of the time if it is nice out. It’s also the view out my kitchen window (except for my feet).

My hubby built this goldfish pond for me with his own two hands. I’m a fortunate girl to have a hubby that makes me beautiful things to enjoy:

The goldfish pond in my backyard

An Oklahoman grizzly bear… Just kidding. That’s my dog Belty Boo:

My dog, Belty, looks like an Oklahoman Grizzly Bear

Nicki and Belty on morning patrol, checking to see if there were intruders during the night:

My dogs Nicki and Belty checking the backyard for intruders during the night

Lazy bunnies Cadbury and Miss Hudson:

My lazy bunnies, Cadbury and Miss Hudson, laying in the sun in their ourdoor bunny pen.

  First water lily bud of Spring:

The first water lily bud of spring.

The same flower a few days later, newly blossomed:

A pink water lily blossom

My goldfish were spawning this morning. I can’t get too close or they stop.

This is the best video I can get under the circumstances. Itsy bitsy baby fish coming soon….

The other plants besides the round water lily pads are the parrots feather that the fish lay their eggs in.

Every fall I pull it out because it gets hard and icky in the winter, then in the spring it starts growing back from little bits of roots that are left:

Water lily pads and parrots featther plants in my backyard goldfish pond

Thanks for reading this far down….


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