Two true stories about lost baby hummingbirds and their parents feeding them

I just watched a YouTube video about a baby hummingbird that reminded me of my own experience with a baby hummingbird.

First, here is the YouTube video:

Now, here is my experience with a baby hummingbird some years back:

Neighborhood children had found a baby hummingbird in their front lawn, and they brought it to me. Since I have pet birds, they thought I would know what to do…

It had all its feathers, but did not know how to fly yet. I figured that its mother and father would be nearby. I put the baby in a birdcage in my backyard, and looked out the window to wait and see.

Sure enough, after a little while one of the parents came and fed the baby through the cage bars! The parent came time after time that afternoon to feed the baby.

The next morning, the baby was gone. Since it was so little, it must have figured out how to get between the cage bars and was able to fly away with its parents.

And they all lived happily ever after….


Note to my friends: I’ve been taking a break from the computer lately. Spring is my favorite time of year and I’ve been spending my spare time outside in God’s creation.

I’ve been watching all the trees and grass turn green, I’ve been watching my goldfish and my lily leaves grow and I’ve been watching baby wild birds come to my goldfish pond for their first drink and bath.

It has been a wonderful change from the gloom of winter.


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