Adventures in shopping – the world is addicted to plastic

CashTwo days ago, my hubby and I decided to get new, matching zippered hooded sweatshirts. I lost mine somewhere since last winter, and the zipper on my hubby’s is broken, so we each needed a new one.

We are thrifty, and we like to balance the quality with the price to come to a happy combination. So, we went to a department store called JCPenny. They have their own store brand that I have been very happy with over the years. We found the sweatshirts we wanted and went to pay for them.

They were on sale for half off, plus we had a coupon for ten dollars off any purchase over ten dollars. These two sweatshirts would have been eighty dollars, but the total was only thirty dollars! So, we gave the cashier two twenty dollar bills and waited for our change.

But, the cashier asked us to wait. She had a problem with the cash register and had to call a supervisor to help her her. After several minutes, finally, a supervisor was able to come and finish the transaction…..

So, what was the problem? The cashier did not know how to take cash!


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