Follow up to my IE9 rant: It messed up my dashboard! Welcome back IE8!


I "upgraded" to IE9 (Beta) the other day. Here is a link to my rant about how much I liked it:

December 10, 2010: I installed Internet Explorer 9 Beta yesterday and I do not like it

Well, it is all gone now!

I found out that it was messing up my dashboard. When I went to check my stats, I had the X axis and the Y axis, but there is a big white space where the graph should be. However, my stats page looked fine with Firefox and Chrome.

So, I made the executive decision to welcome IE8 back into my house. I can see my stats fine now!

Just in case any of you have IE9 and want to go back to IE8, you can’t “uninstall” it the usual way. (guess how I found out….) I had to look up how to do it.

To save you the Goggling, here’s how to remove IE9 (Beta) You have to uninstall an “Update” to Internet Explorer.

It will be a while before I try another Beta. I will try IE9 after it is finished cooking.




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4 responses to “Follow up to my IE9 rant: It messed up my dashboard! Welcome back IE8!

  1. I was actually looking forward to trying this out, but after three and a half hours, download was still on 12%, so I gave up. Sounds like it’s a good thing I did!
    I’d be very unlikely to change from Chrome as my main browser now anyway, but I fancied trying the high speed video options. High speed = estimated 18 hour download? Nah!

  2. Sorry to hear about your problem. The same thing happened to me early on, but with my Blogger stats. I reported the problem. They acknowledged receipt, but cleared the item without making the needed correction (at least not so far). It seems to be a conflict with Flash/Silverlight. I have been using Firefox for my WordPress dashboard. It does a fine job of keeping track, so it opens right up when I start Firefox.

  3. Hi Dave, IE9 tries to look and act like Chrome, by the way. I am used to Internet Explorer. I’ve used it for years. I’m an old dog and I don’t like to learn new tricks. I just get something I like and stick with it. (thats’ why I’ve been married so long….) X

  4. @Ludwig, I use Firefox (and Chrome, too) but only when I see what my website looks like in different browsers. As I said to Dave above, I’m just used to IE (good or bad). X

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