About Me


I go by “X-Evolutionist” on the internet, but please call me “X”. I am a born again Christian married lady over fifty. I did not believe in  God  until I  was over 40. (See My Testimony for how I came to believe in God)

I have a wonderful hubby, 2  great mutts, 1 African grey parrot, 2 cockatiels, 6 parakeets,  two bunnies and a backyard pond full of goldfish. I am from California, but I live in Oklahoma City.

I don’t smoke, don’t drink, and do not eat animals. Oddly, my religious beliefs, came much later in my life and have nothing to do with these choices.

I have worked in the field of civil engineering for many years.

I spend my time with my hubby and my pets, watching old movies, reading, crocheting, listening to music and telling people why I believe in God.

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Here are some pictures of my pets: 

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Here are some pictures of my backyard:

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