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Please oh please check email on before forwarding them to me

Stop! Do not forward that fascinating email to me before finding out if it is true!

I continually get emails that are hoaxes or just plain not true. Too many people don’t bother to check them out or just don’t care if it is true or not.

It is so easy to check these on out on Just put a few key words in Google with and you will probably find out the true story.

For instance, I just received a forwarded email with beautiful photographs purported to be a sunset reflected in a waterfall making it look like cascading fire:

The following pictures were taken of what is known as the “Fire Waterfall” on El Capitan in Yosemite National Park .

I put in these few key words in a Google search:

“Fire Waterfall” “El Capitan”

The page about these photographs came up immediately:

Fire Waterfall

They are not pictures of a reflected sunset, they are pictures of real fire, burning embers, being pushed over the side of a cliff!

If that story or photograph sounds too good (or too bad) to be true, please check it out on before forwarding it to me!

Thanks bunches!

X: Chairman of the Committee to Keep Junk Email out of my Inbox

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Christmas – The time of year when TV ads try to make men feel guilty enough to buy diamonds

Show her you love her with diamondsIn December TV ads for diamond jewelry say variations of the same thing:

Men: Your woman  will only know you love her if you buy her diamonds.

At the same time, they are hoping the women will think:

I will only know my man loves me if he buys me diamonds.

My husband does not need to, or feel the need to, prove he loves me — he shows me in many ways each day. I feel sorry for husbands and wives who think that proof is required.


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I bought a book to learn how to style my website and blog with Cascading Style Sheets – CSS

I bought a new toy – a book called CSS: The Missing Manual.

CSS: The Missing ManualI have a website and a personal blog that I have been trying to personalize just the way I want them. I finally decided to learn a new language – Cascading Style Sheets or CSS for short.

With CSS you can entirely change the looks of a website with a few key strokes.

I have learned and used a little bit of CSS since I made my first website about seven years ago.

I have found out that it is really easy to mess up a website a few keystrokes, too. (ask me how I know)

So I thought I had better buy a book. There are many CSS tutorials on the web, including but I learn best in my lazy boy chair with book and a cup of tea.

I hunted and searched and researched and read reviews until I decided that CSS: The Missing Manual was the book for me.

From what I can tell so far, it is easy enough for a beginner, yet it is complex enough that I’ll be able to use it as a reference for years to come.

Woohoo! Learning new things is fun!



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Adventures in shopping – the world is addicted to plastic

CashTwo days ago, my hubby and I decided to get new, matching zippered hooded sweatshirts. I lost mine somewhere since last winter, and the zipper on my hubby’s is broken, so we each needed a new one.

We are thrifty, and we like to balance the quality with the price to come to a happy combination. So, we went to a department store called JCPenny. They have their own store brand that I have been very happy with over the years. We found the sweatshirts we wanted and went to pay for them.

They were on sale for half off, plus we had a coupon for ten dollars off any purchase over ten dollars. These two sweatshirts would have been eighty dollars, but the total was only thirty dollars! So, we gave the cashier two twenty dollar bills and waited for our change.

But, the cashier asked us to wait. She had a problem with the cash register and had to call a supervisor to help her her. After several minutes, finally, a supervisor was able to come and finish the transaction…..

So, what was the problem? The cashier did not know how to take cash!


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You have to feel sick once in a while to appreciate feeling well

That is a paraphrase of something that Andy Rooney said once. I can’t find it on the internet, or I would quote the exact line.

I don’t feel good today. Yesterday morning I suddenly came down with a cold all at once. Very strange. I woke up feeling fine, and started my day. But, buy the time I was out of the shower and dressed I was all wiped out.

My hubby and I had planned to go walking in the mall. With the unpredictable weather in Oklahoma, we take walks in the mall where it is never too hot or too cold or too rainy or too icy, etc.

But, yesterday, after I had made a commitment to my hubby that I was going to go walking with him, I suddenly felt all pooped out. Being the trooper that I am, however, I went with him to the mall, hoping I wouldn’t slow him down too much.

Well rats, I slowed him down too much. I could only do one lap, and then it was time to go back to bed, rather than do my chores. My hubby was a good sport and did a load of laundry and did the dishes since I didn’t feel good.

Today, I’m not going to get any of my chores done, either. The best I’ll be able to do will be to sit here in my lazy boy chair and have a film festival.

I have a Spencer Tracy movie all cued up. I record films from Turner Classic Movies so I always have a good classic movie to watch when I need one.

Well, I have a date with my lazy boy chair, a cup of coffee and Spencer Tracy.  My chores will still be there once I feel better. Gotta go.


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