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Do any “real” scientists believe that God created the heavens and the earth? Yes, indeed!

I am told over and over that “real” scientists do not believe that God created the universe and everything in it. The thing is, that many scientists, and lay people like yours truly, believe that there is scientific evidence that God did that very thing.

But, there is a little secret: Most scientists who believe in God as creator would lose their job if they came out openly about their faith.

There are, however, many brave souls who do come out publically to show justification for their beliefs. Here is a list of those brave souls:

Creation scientists and other biographies of interest

This list is a work in progress as it is always being added to. So, some of the people on the list do not have their biographies up yet.

This is a list of the few scientists who have come forward, in this secular world, and admitted that they believe Genesis 1:1: In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

While I’m on the subject of scientists, I’d like to recommend a book:

In Six Days: Why Fifty Scientists Choose to Believe in Creation Edited by John F. Ashton PhD.

This book has an essay by each of 50 scientists who discuss the evidence that God exists in their chosen field. It is a fascinating book, one that I had read many years ago. You can read it for free online here:

Read “In Six Days” Online

There is a sequel to this book entitled On the Seventh Day:: Forty Scientists and Academics Explain Why They Believe in God. (It’s not available to read for free online yet)

I never knew there was evidence that God exists so I spent over 40 years of my life without God. I’m going to spend the rest of the years of my life telling people why I believe in God.


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What a creationist believes

Most of what people talk about when they mention proof of evolution are minor variations within the species of animals: different sized beaks on finches, different colors of moths, speaking of the examples I was taught in school. But, these minor variations are then used to prove that major changes can and did happen.

It is a proven fact that there can be many variations within a species of animal. These minor changes are made from losing information as I will explain below.

In order for these changes to happen: invertebrates to fish to amphibians to reptiles to mammals and birds, information has to be added.

Here is the creationist explanation for the proven minor differences within animals:

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