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Hey, X, you are a Christian, but you do not believe in “Hell”. What gives?

On 10/13/2009 I wrote a blog entry in my old blog entitled: What if I’m wrong and there is no God? In the comments section of that blog, I wrote:

“Hell” as commonly believed and pictured is not Biblical. My hubby has been studying Hell in the Bible, and much of the time it is mistranslated from a word meaning “grave”. My God did not create people knowing they were going to suffer for eternity. X

Last night, I received a response to that comment by a visitor:

Lorraine F wrote:

“To X-Evolutionist : I am quite surprised that you do not believe in Hell. If there is no Hell, (or no Hell for humans, as you imply), then what reason was there for Jesus to die on the cross?” (see blog comments for rest of entry)

I’m not going to try to answer her question in my comments. I’m going to write this post, then put a link to it in the comments.

The topic is of “Hell” especially close to me because I did not believe in God until I was over 40. If I had died before the day I finally came to believe in God and accepted Jesus Christ as my savior 13 years ago, I would be in Hell now, burning for eternity, according to what most of Christendom teaches.

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