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Reasons Why I Believe in God: Outline of X-Evolutionist.com

I made this website to tell you that there are scientific reasons to believe in God. The information on this site is what I learned that convinced me that God exists. The following is a list of some of the pages on this website. These pages show the scientific evidence that proved to me that there is a God:

My Christian Testimony: How I Came to Believe in God

Here is the story about how I came to believe in God. I had lived over 40 years before I learned there was scientific evidence that God exists. Read More 

How Do Dinosaurs Fit in With Creation? Are dinosaurs alive today?

The smallest dinosaur was about the size of a chicken. Reptiles that lived with dinosaurs still live today. Iguanas, up to six feet long, and Komodo dragons, up to ten feet long, are not called dinosaurs only because dinosaurs are supposedly extinct. There is no problem with dinosaurs fitting in with creation by God. Read More 

Noah’s Ark and the Global Flood

The Global flood as described in the Bible caused the fossil record. The Ark was very large, and had room for representatives of all kinds of animals. Read More 

Charles Darwin described the problems with his theory in his book “Origin of Species”

Charles Darwin gave many reasons why his theory is not true. This page has quotes from his book, Origin of Species, stating what evidence is missing. Read More 

Recommended Reading: Books with scientific evidence that God exists

This is my short list of my very favorite books that have scientific evidence that God exists. These books are either by scientists or quote profusely from peer reviewed science journals. Read More 

The Origin of Life: How did life begin? DNA could not have happened by chance

The cell and the DNA molecule are too incredibly complex to have happened by chance. DNA is made in the cell, and the cell is made from the instructions in the DNA. The cell must have been designed. Read More 

What is Science? Is scientific fact determined by majority rule?

Scientists used to examine evidence and then make conclusions. But, the definition of what is science has been redefined by some to insist that everything have a natural explanation before the evidence is examined. Making a conclusion before examining the evidence is not scientific. Read More 

Most of what people call “evolution” is really genetics

Genetic variability is mistakenly called evolution. For something to truly evolve, it has to acquire genetic material that its parents or other ancestors didn’t already have. It has to acquire new genetic material that isn’t already in its genes. Read More 

Why Are There Evolution Frauds if Evolution is a Proven Fact?

Fraudulent evidence is used as proof for evolution. It is printed in scientific books and magazines and taught in textbooks. If actual evidence existed to prove the evolution from particles to people, it would not be necessary to make it up. Read More 

Using the Dog-Kind of Animal to Disprove Evolution

I use the dog-kind, dogs, coyotes, wolves, etc, as an example that animals are in distinct groups, such as dogs cats or bears, with no overlapping between groups. But, that each group has a lot of varieties that are able to mate and produce fertile offspring (the definition of the term species). There is no evidence in living things, or in the fossil record, that any basic kind of animal changed into any other basic kind of animal. Read More 

The Fossil Record: Evidence of the world-wide flood of the Bible

Living things fossilized after a global flood. Dead animals do not just lie there and wait to be fossilized. They rot or get eaten. Fossilization requires immediate covering with sediment. The minerals gradually replace the living tissue. The fossils give no evidence for the gradual development of animals over time. Only minor differences within species can be found. With no evidence for evolution that only leaves creation by God. Read More 

Genesis Chapter 1: The Creation

The text of the Bible book of Genesis, showing the creation, and the description of the days of creation. Read More 

Christians: Jesus was a Creationist

Jesus believed and taught a literal and recent creation. Christians, at the very least, should should believe Him. Read More 

My favorite Bible verses, Bible translation, online Bible software and scientific creation websites

My favorite Bible verses, Bible translation, online Bible software, scientific creation websites, worldwide Christian radio station, and more. Read More 

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Christians: Jesus was a Creationist

Page Contents:

Jesus Taught a Recent Creation

Jesus believed that that Genesis was literal history. If a Christian has accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior, the Lord’s beliefs should be important to them. Jesus believed in a literal Adam and Eve, not only that, but the Bible says he is descended from Adam and Eve.

Jesus believed that the flood of Noah was an actual historic event that destroyed all life on earth except Noah and his family. Jesus believed the flood of Noah happened when it rained for 40 days and 40 nights and the fountains of the deep burst open.

If there was an actual worldwide flood that covered the entire surface of the earth for over a year, then the plant and animal life that became fossilized because of the flood is not a record of millions of years of evolution.

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Noah’s Ark and the Global Flood

Page Contents:

How Big Was the Ark?

Contrary to popular belief, Noah’s Ark was not a little boat. Noah’s Ark was an enormous boat with plenty of room for all the animals..

Noah's Ark to scale showing it was larger than a 747 jumbo jet

Genesis, the first book of the Bible, gives the dimensions of the ark:

“So make yourself an ark of cypress wood; make rooms in it and coat it with pitch inside and out. This is how you are to build it: The ark is to be 450 feet long, 75 feet wide and 45 feet high. Make a roof for it and finish the ark to within 18 inches of the top. Put a door in the side of the ark and make lower, middle and upper decks.” Genesis 6:14-16

As the picture shows, the ark was almost twice as long as a 747 jumbo jet. representatives of all animals, including dinosaurs, had plenty of room to fit in the art.

(The dimensions in these verses differ slightly with the picture below. In the original Hebrew the measurements are given in cubits, and there is not one set measurement for how long a cubit is. A cubit was the length of a man’s arm from the elbow to the middle finger.)

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The Official 2010 US Census asks for my race. I am a member of the Human Race and none other.

We have to check little boxes with our “race” on the Official 2010 Census here in the United States.

I am sick and tired of people collecting “race” statistics and putting people into little boxes. Separating ourselves by “races” is divisive, in my humble opinion. When are we going to think of ourselves as one big group called people?

For all other forms when I have to fill in my “race” I draw a new little box, check it, and write in “Human”.

I asked my hubby about how he feel about me doing this on our census, and he brought up a good point. Each census form has our address preprinted on it. If we don’t fill out the form “correctly” he pointed out that somebody could come by and ask for a correction.

So, this one time, I’m going to lay down my principles and check each “race” box that pertains to me. Rats.

First off, the whole concept of “race” is artificial according to my beliefs. I believe that all people are of one blood– in one big literal family. The only reason we look different from each other is because we became isolated into different gene pools on different continents. After the global flood that Noah and his family survived, people spread out across the earth.  (yes, I believe this stuff)

Perhaps one day all people in the world will intermarry with each other. Then, some day their children will come back to the point where we are all brownish like Adam and Eve. Then, we might feel like we are in one big family again.

I’d like to recommend the book: One Blood: The Biblical Answer to Racism


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