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Most of what people call “evolution” is really genetics

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For something to truly evolve, it has to acquire genetic material that its parents or other ancestors didn’t already have. It has to acquire new genetic material that isn’t already in its genes. For a reptile to evolve into a bird, it would need to acquire the directions to grow wings, in addition to the DNA it already has.

The Definition of Species

The definition of species has changed just in my lifetime. This is the previous definition of species:

“If two animals can mate and produce fertile offspring then they are the same species.”

That definition does not work for evolutionists any more because there would not be enough species to “prove” evolution. Now, they give a new species name to every little variation in a plant or animal.

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The Official 2010 US Census asks for my race. I am a member of the Human Race and none other.

We have to check little boxes with our “race” on the Official 2010 Census here in the United States.

I am sick and tired of people collecting “race” statistics and putting people into little boxes. Separating ourselves by “races” is divisive, in my humble opinion. When are we going to think of ourselves as one big group called people?

For all other forms when I have to fill in my “race” I draw a new little box, check it, and write in “Human”.

I asked my hubby about how he feel about me doing this on our census, and he brought up a good point. Each census form has our address preprinted on it. If we don’t fill out the form “correctly” he pointed out that somebody could come by and ask for a correction.

So, this one time, I’m going to lay down my principles and check each “race” box that pertains to me. Rats.

First off, the whole concept of “race” is artificial according to my beliefs. I believe that all people are of one blood– in one big literal family. The only reason we look different from each other is because we became isolated into different gene pools on different continents. After the global flood that Noah and his family survived, people spread out across the earth.  (yes, I believe this stuff)

Perhaps one day all people in the world will intermarry with each other. Then, some day their children will come back to the point where we are all brownish like Adam and Eve. Then, we might feel like we are in one big family again.

I’d like to recommend the book: One Blood: The Biblical Answer to Racism


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