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Evolutionists like to sweep the topic of the Origin of Life under the rug

Evolution, as it is defined these days, merely concerns itself with Change over Time, not the origin of life.

But, change from what? There has to be life existing in the first place for it to Change over Time. (See my page: The Origin of Life: How did life begin? DNA could not have happened by chance)

Logically, evolution cannot be an alternative for creation (God creating life) until evolution concerns itself with the Origin of Life.

So, why doesn’t evolution concern itself with the origin of life? There is a very good reason: There is no proof for the commonly held belief that life started as a result of time and chance.

There is not any proof that life began without God’s help. There is speculation, conjecture and imagination, but no proof.

I will be told that many Christians believe in evolution. The church unfortunately has compromised and accepted, for the most part, what evolutionists teach as fact, and that is very sad. (Also see: Using the Dog-Kind of Animal to Disprove Evolution)

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. Genesis 1:1


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Reasons Why I Believe in God: Outline of X-Evolutionist.com

I made this website to tell you that there are scientific reasons to believe in God. The information on this site is what I learned that convinced me that God exists. The following is a list of some of the pages on this website. These pages show the scientific evidence that proved to me that there is a God:

My Christian Testimony: How I Came to Believe in God

Here is the story about how I came to believe in God. I had lived over 40 years before I learned there was scientific evidence that God exists. Read More 

How Do Dinosaurs Fit in With Creation? Are dinosaurs alive today?

The smallest dinosaur was about the size of a chicken. Reptiles that lived with dinosaurs still live today. Iguanas, up to six feet long, and Komodo dragons, up to ten feet long, are not called dinosaurs only because dinosaurs are supposedly extinct. There is no problem with dinosaurs fitting in with creation by God. Read More 

Noah’s Ark and the Global Flood

The Global flood as described in the Bible caused the fossil record. The Ark was very large, and had room for representatives of all kinds of animals. Read More 

Charles Darwin described the problems with his theory in his book “Origin of Species”

Charles Darwin gave many reasons why his theory is not true. This page has quotes from his book, Origin of Species, stating what evidence is missing. Read More 

Recommended Reading: Books with scientific evidence that God exists

This is my short list of my very favorite books that have scientific evidence that God exists. These books are either by scientists or quote profusely from peer reviewed science journals. Read More 

The Origin of Life: How did life begin? DNA could not have happened by chance

The cell and the DNA molecule are too incredibly complex to have happened by chance. DNA is made in the cell, and the cell is made from the instructions in the DNA. The cell must have been designed. Read More 

What is Science? Is scientific fact determined by majority rule?

Scientists used to examine evidence and then make conclusions. But, the definition of what is science has been redefined by some to insist that everything have a natural explanation before the evidence is examined. Making a conclusion before examining the evidence is not scientific. Read More 

Most of what people call “evolution” is really genetics

Genetic variability is mistakenly called evolution. For something to truly evolve, it has to acquire genetic material that its parents or other ancestors didn’t already have. It has to acquire new genetic material that isn’t already in its genes. Read More 

Why Are There Evolution Frauds if Evolution is a Proven Fact?

Fraudulent evidence is used as proof for evolution. It is printed in scientific books and magazines and taught in textbooks. If actual evidence existed to prove the evolution from particles to people, it would not be necessary to make it up. Read More 

Using the Dog-Kind of Animal to Disprove Evolution

I use the dog-kind, dogs, coyotes, wolves, etc, as an example that animals are in distinct groups, such as dogs cats or bears, with no overlapping between groups. But, that each group has a lot of varieties that are able to mate and produce fertile offspring (the definition of the term species). There is no evidence in living things, or in the fossil record, that any basic kind of animal changed into any other basic kind of animal. Read More 

The Fossil Record: Evidence of the world-wide flood of the Bible

Living things fossilized after a global flood. Dead animals do not just lie there and wait to be fossilized. They rot or get eaten. Fossilization requires immediate covering with sediment. The minerals gradually replace the living tissue. The fossils give no evidence for the gradual development of animals over time. Only minor differences within species can be found. With no evidence for evolution that only leaves creation by God. Read More 

Genesis Chapter 1: The Creation

The text of the Bible book of Genesis, showing the creation, and the description of the days of creation. Read More 

Christians: Jesus was a Creationist

Jesus believed and taught a literal and recent creation. Christians, at the very least, should should believe Him. Read More 

My favorite Bible verses, Bible translation, online Bible software and scientific creation websites

My favorite Bible verses, Bible translation, online Bible software, scientific creation websites, worldwide Christian radio station, and more. Read More 

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The Origin of Life: How did life begin? DNA could not have happened by chance

Page Contents:

A Computer is Designed, but the Designer came by Chance?

Some think that God is an imaginary being that people believe on faith to make them feel good. However, it also takes faith to be an atheist. An atheist must believe that DNA is the result of chance. The DNA molecule is like a very complicated computer program.

Nobody would believe that Windows 7 is the result of chance, but many believe that the human brain that created Windows 7 is the result of chance.

Below is a picture of Mount Rushmore. Four faces were carved out of solid rock. It was caused by a process of time and chance. Over the course of many years, wind, rain and blowing sand carved the faces in the rock:

Mount Rushmore. Four faces were carved out of solid rock. It was caused by a process of time and chance

That sounds ridiculous to claim that erosion carved the faces into the rock, right? But, many people believe that the men who are depicted in the rock carving and the people who carved the rock are a result of a process of time and chance. I myself believed it for many years. A living thing is much more complex that a rock. It should sound just as ridiculous to say that life began by a process of time and chance.

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The Doublethink of the Origin of Life

George Orwell, in the book Nineteen Eighty-Four coined the term “Doublethink” , holding two opposite thoughts as true at the same time.

The first time I experienced “Doublethink”, though I did not realize it at the time, was high school…..

In tenth grade, I was taught these two opposing ideas:

  • Health Science class taught me that “spontaneous generation” was a term for a false belief held my ignorant people long ago, that life could arise in non-living matter.
  • Biology class taught me that “evolution” was a term for the scientific belief that life had arisen in non-living matter.

I was taught that the belief in the origin of life from non-life was both not scientific and scientific in the same year of school. Some how or other I believed it. I must have had very good teachers.

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